What IsGenesis to Genius by Inercour Coaching?

Genesis to Genius is a 3 month self development program that teaches you how to access your genius within. During this program, you will develop a personalized success plan along with the skills, habits, and strategies you need to transform any current limit into greater work-life results.


Genesis to Genius offers a personalized, holistic, and strategic approach to creating breakthrough results.

Learn how you too can thrive from the inside out by reconnecting to your unique power, essence, and truth. This 3-month program helps conscious leaders confidently claim their genius and achieve 2x results without life sacrifice, relationship collapse, and or burn out. Don’t you think it’s time you awakened to your fullest potential?



Connect more deeply to yourself. Get coached in how to master your inner dialogue to produce breakthrough work-life results.

  • Dissect the self hindering thoughts (S.H.T's) that keep you limited.
  • Locate the source of these S.H.T'S. Understand where they come from and why?
  • Stop playing small! Learn the true cost of this type of thinking and how it holds you back from your full potential.
  • Commit to changing your mindset.
  • Create the space for growth by recreating your inner conversation.
  • Begin to release and rise above any personal limitation.
  • Free yourself from any past traumas, judgements, and false assumption currently holding you back.
  • Master your inner conversation! Gain a greater sense of self mastery, power, freedom, & ease.
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Cultivate deep meaningful work-life relationships, grounded in authentic communication. Get coached in how to let go of your inner judgments and biases. Recreate the relationships you care about most.

  • Stop letting your view of the world hold you back at your work and in your life.
  • Recognize when you are reacting from a life bias and or inner judgement.
  • Learn how to put these views aside to create a more powerful inner conversation.
  • Gain tools and expertise to quickly shift your perspective.
  • Grow your ability to catch yourself in old ways of viewing your world.
  • Shift how you communicate and approach others.
  • Create a more empowered context for living.
  • Recreate the relationships you care about most.
  • Become a center of influence and a powerful communicator.
  • Co-create deep, authentic, and meaningful relationships, easily.
  • Gain a greater sense of understanding and acceptance for yourself and others.
  • Build flourishing and fulfilling relationships, authentically!
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Expand your world. Learn how to generate like minded teams. Become a center of influence and a leader of action. Start a movement, create a community, and or become a global leader for transformational change.

  • Expand your work-life leadership. Become a more conscious leader.
  • Learn how to create influential change both in your personal world and within your workplace.
  • Begin to see yourself as a world leader - one that can take great action, generate amazing influence, and achieve important change.
  • Learn how to serve, contribute, and transform the world around you.
  • Create teams and teamwork to generate real impact in your greater community - spearhead change on a local and global level.
  • Find greater meaning. Realize your power, ability, and responsibility to inspire others.
  • Take on the amazing opportunity you have to serve and lead others into transformational world change.
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Discover your true potential and rewrite your career trajectory. Take full control of your future.

  • Learn how to navigate career decisions like a pro.
  • Gain clarity and focus during any career shift and or life transition.
  • Redefine what is possible for yourself and your career trajectory.
  • See clearly what sets you apart from others.
  • Realize how to use your unique skill set, strengths, and knowledge base to your advantage.
  • Steer your life towards more meaning and success.
  • Make important life decisions with a greater sense of ease and certainty.
  • Take your career to the next level and or discover your life's purpose.
  • Skillfully and confidently execute your life's plan.
  • Live a life of purpose by planning and executing your life on purpose.
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Align your heart with your will to change. Take​ courageous action​ to transform your life. ​Learn how to shape your life in a way that honors increased work-life performance and personal transformation.

  • Find your focus and energy for life.
  • ​Learn how to clearly define and execute life from your core values.
  • Uncover what motivates you.
  • Embrace a growth mindset.
  • Align your life to fulfill on the areas that matter most.
  • Refocus your life towards greater fulfillment, happiness, and growth.
  • Eliminate and overcome any fear based thinking.
  • Reduce your worries and reoccurring self doubt.
  • Face life's challenges or unexpected change with ease and confidence.
  • Achieve balance. Become the master of your emotions.
  • Accomplish more with a greater sense of enjoyment, and peace of mind.
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