The truth is….

The truth is….

The truth is….

The habits that got you here aren’t going to get you there.

A next level life will always demand a next level you….


(Because if it didn’t, you’d already be “there” by now wouldn’t you? )

Every next level of #success demands, and quite literally requires that you make changes and show up as a different type of leader

So if you find yourself feeling stuck in this season of change and or stagnating in any way, consider taking on the responsibility of making big BIG changes and adjusting your daily success habits.

Do you know what you need to shift to create a better tomorrow?

Shifting habits and fixed perspectives can be a very confronting and challenging process, so much so, it’s essential that you;

Take on the radical responsibility that you and you alone are “the one” to self initiate this change.

External motivations can help get you started and add a bit of boost to the moral, but real long lasting change must be 100% intrinsically motivated.

No more denial. No more delusions. No more closing your eyes about the realities of things. Break down what’s working, what’s not, what you need to start doing, what you need to stop doing, and begin to make change — finally get to work on closing the gap of where you are now, compared to where you want to be.

Make a commitment. Commit to taking on this issue/area of your life — head on, like no shit, both feet in, fully convicted and committed to causing a shift.

Big life changes can get very scary, uncomfortable, and messy at times so it’s important that you muster up the courage to see it through and continue to lean into any backsliding and internal slipperiness with greater and greater conviction.

Failure is just feedback. Do not assign any meaning to the results or lack of results you are getting.

When changing or building new habits, look at failure with a neutral mind.
Keep it simple.Keep it moving.

Study the data, See what’s in the gap. Improve your process. Implement changes.

Mastering anything isn’t the practice of perfection but rather a practice of strengthening your process.

No matter how ugly or messy it may look at first, each time that you show up for yourself and “do the dang rep”, you are strengthening and nurturing your skills, competence, confidence and momentum with it all…

Think it through, yes, but don’t overthink it.

There’s a time and a place for thinking, and then there’s a time and place for continued forward action!

If you have been thinking about change for a long time, instead of actually self initiating change….

Then, maybe it’s time that you muster up the courage and commitment to….

Do the dang rep!

Till next time,


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