The Inner Path to Success

How to avoid burn out

Even machines break down without the proper maintenance. The mind, body and spirit are the same. To live an optimally performing life, it’s important that we recognize the importance of rest, recovery and reflection in our weekly routine. Like machines we can’t operate 24/7 without the proper maintenance.

The same can be said about the human body to avoid break down and maintain peak performance levels. Greater success in any area comes from frequent and reflective idle time to improve processes.

It’s very important to ask the body and give it what it needs to recalibrate it’s internal system. We must give it what it needs to help it upgrade it system to a higher level and or maintain the levels you already demand from it.

The weekends are a perfect time to do this practice. Instead of rushing out the door to do that chore or make those brunch plans you’d rather not go to, stop for a second.  Ask yourself what do you need to do today to honor your body, mind, and spirit? How can you support it to find balance this weekend to help it avoid breakdown and inefficiencies in the coming week?

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Are you prioritizing your growth? As an executive and founder, I know the road to success is as equally rewarding as it is emotionally, physically, and intellectually taxing. Often times, as a result we (knowingly) neglect our wellbeing and/or close off certain areas of our life in last minute sprints to “stay focused” to meet pressured timelines and or demands. This, all in the name of maximizing business growth and to produce desired results for our bottom line. But what happens when these short term habits are multiplied and maintained long term? To what end and at what costs do these short term survival habits have on us?

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It’s Time!

Do you have ambitious goals and big dreams but are finding yourself doing the same thing day in and day out, stuck in old habits and past ways of being?
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