1) Build a Better You
——> Research shows that people who exercise regularly rate higher in confidence and self esteem. Remember, you don’t need to be the CEO to look and lead like one!

2) Overall Mental Health & Mood
——> Daily exercise releases chemicals into the brain, better known as endorphins, which reduces anxiety – leaving you feeling happier and improving your ability to handle daily work-life stress. We all could use a little less stress and little more success and happiness am-I-right?

3) Mental Toughness
——> During a hard workout, the same endorphins that are released to alleviate anxiety and stress also regulate pain and stress to the physical body. Thus, creating the famous and euphoric runners high. Similar to morphine, it is rumored to act as an analgesic and sedative – psychologically diminishing your perception of pain, and increasing your tolerance levels and mental toughness.

4) Emotional Clarity
——> Exercise is shown to improve emotional clarity. After a good workout, you should be less stressed, helping you think more clearly, and enabling you to more easily prioritize tasks at hand. Feeling the wrath of a micro managing boss, pesky co-worker, or ever increasing pressure of others? Instead of blowing your top, think about using exercise as a good way to keep yourself emotionally grounded, centered, and calm.

5) Stay Cognitively Sharp
——> Along with endorphins, exercise is known to releases proteins into the brain, improving it’s structure and overall cognition ability – keeping ones thinking, learning, and judgment skills sharp. Research also shows that even regular aerobic exercise, the kind that gets your heart and sweat glands pumping appears to also boost the size of the hippocampus, the brain area involve in verbal memory and learning. So the next time you need to take an important call, write a critical email, or have a high level meeting – be sure to make time for a good sweat.

6) Get Better Sleep
——> Having trouble sleeping? Fall asleep faster by exercising 60 minutes per day! Good workouts are known to help boost energy usage.The next time you find yourself unable to sleep, try getting in a good workout in to roll into bed with your energetic life tank on E.

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