50 Tips for Success

50 Tips for Success

After interviewing dozens of entrepreneurs and ambitious go-getters, I made a list of their Top 50 Tips for greater personal and professional success! Which are your favorites??? I love #20 , #24 , and #43 (a tough one for me)

1. Find a profession/company that allows you to bring all of you to your work.

2. Be gentle with yourself. Give downtime to sit in your sunshine.

3. Stay on your path. All learnings are perfectly timed. Do not compare your progress to another. Simply enjoy your journey!

4. Time is a commodity. Do not waste it dwelling on the past. Each day is a new day, so strive to better yourself into tomorrow.

5. If you aren’t failing forwards, you aren’t taking big enough risks.

6. Professional clarity comes from seeking greater joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction. Use those guide words as a means to make authentic change.

7. Be straightforward and honest in every relationship. As much as it can be hard to share a pain point, this creates greater trust and better teamwork.

8. Everything looks 20/20 looking backwards. Life ’s journey is complex so feel through the layers and trust the connections, as they will come.

9. Seek professional development. Growth as a leader comes from seeking outside perspective.

10. No one knows everything and no problems are unique. Be willing to humble yourself and ask for help.

11. Be more committed to making progress than looking good.

12. Be willing to ask for the kind of support and teamwork you need.

13. Starting a business? Focus on making revenue from Day 1.

14. Building a team? Hire slow. Fire fast.

15. Strong leadership comes when you tell people the result you want, not how you want it done. Doing so, you empower your team to figure it out.

16. Perseverance requires patience.

17. Humility and kindness to your peers and bosses go a long way.

18. Be kind to everyone who crosses your path. It pays to develop an ability to deal with difficult people. How they show up has nothing to do with you.

19. If someone is triggering you, seek to understand. Be curious. Do not take it personally. Be willing to see your part in it all, and own as much responsibility as you can.

20. Priority #1 is always self care, health, and wellness. Your best work is not possible if you yourself are compromised. Keep yourself prioritized.

21. Never undervalue yourself or your work.

22. The path to success is the path to self. Know when you are off course.

23. Learn to trust your gut instincts and intuition. You don’t need presenting evidence or reasons for your decision to be the right one.

24. Follow your heart. This should hold the most weight, not your logic. Then trust your logic to figure it all out by filling in the gaps.

25. Filter out all voices that don’t ring true to you and your ultimate vision.There might be plenty of people who say what you are trying to do is impossible. Do not listen to them, even if they are close family and friends. You know where you are going, so stay committed to the vision.

26. Be willing to always learn and grow. Embrace constructive feedback. If you are giving feedback, ask first for the permission to provide it.

27. There is nothing greener on the other side. Learn to water where you are.

28. Accept people for who and where they are. You can’t forcefully evolve someone who isn’t willing. Instead of being critical, impatient, and or demanding that someone changes, ask them what they need and see how you can be of service to them and their growth.

29. Do not be scared of tough communications. There are no good or bad conversations.

30. Keep learning. Keep working. Keep pushing. There is nothing out of reach for you to accomplish. Don’t EVER give up.

31. Do not take for granted those that are special to you. Always make time for those you love.

32. Strive for more work/life balance. Career progress needs to be balanced by spending time with the people you love and doing things that light you up.

33. Gratitude is THE attitude in evolving this human experience.

34. Do what you love. You are never too old, and it’s never too late. Don’t waste anymore time.

35. Everyone flourishes in varying conditions. There is no right or wrong way to live a fulfilling and successful life.

36. Develop compassion and empathy for yourself; it allows you to hold more for others.

37. Speak authentically. Be transparent in your requests, expressive of your needs, and committed to your intentions.

38. Powerful enrollment is caused by enthusiasm, energy, and personal authenticity.

39. You can do good, and do well. Always stand your ethical and moral high ground.

40. You never need to compromise your character for success.

41. You don’t need everyone’s business to be successful. Let go of those who are too costly to your wellbeing.

42. Embrace the spotlight. You deserve to shine.

43. Being disciplined and structured will help you achieve greatly, but don’t forget to keep it light and playful along the way. Life is meant to be fun.

44. You need no reason and or planned vacation to be still. This moment is good enough.

45. You can always develop more patience for yourself and others. This is often why it is referred to as being a “virtue”

46. Open to let things come to you. There is equal productive value in the quiet and the calm.

47. Going “ hard” and “fast” doesn’t always yield the best results. Learn to know when you are spinning your wheels. Slow down and shift into a lower gear.

48. Be aware of burn out, and pay attention to the signs. Step away from the laptop. Play hooky. Go to the beach in the middle of the day.

49. Every single breakdown can be a gift if you ask, “ How is this serving me?” and “In what way am I being trained and developed for a better tomorrow?”

50. Travel often. Get out of your routine. It breaks habitual thinking patterns and opens you up to new possibilities and ways of being.

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