2O2O, what a year!

2O2O, what a year!

This year has been a challenging one for sure, but in the end, there has been a lot of growth to share and things to be grateful for;

My Top 10 Accomplishments and Life Changes for 2020

1) I finally left NYC after 8 years and moved back to the woods of upstate NY where I am from. I don’t plan to live in a big city ever again. It was a great place to drive during my 20’s but its time to move onto the next phase. Plus I missed driving stick shift. vroom! vroom!

2) I rekindled my deep love for nature; spending most of my off time in 2020 reconnecting to my passions of hiking, camping, and fishing. My soul is at home in the woods. Nothing better than waking up to the morning song of the birds and the smoldering smell of fire from the night before. Mother nature is so majestic and beautiful.

3) I went from being 25K in debt and struggling with my business to being debt-free and running a +6 figure coaching business. This one was a huge accomplishment for me. If you have ever been in serious debt and got out and hit this mark in your business, you know what this takes…

4) I created my first online FB group, a group for conscious leaders called Life On Purpose. We are now over 1,100 members strong! Link HERE if you are interested and want to join.

5) In the group, I taught many digital accelerators for the first time as well as offered free life resources/assessment and gifted away frequent group and 1-1 coaching calls. Last January we had close to 100 ppl participate in the accelerator.

6) I ran 2 group intensive programs last spring/summer and did group coaching calls ontop of my 1-1 coaching practice.

7) I created a new program entirely around self-love and divine partnerships specifically for women, called Divine Love.

8) I pledged over 2540 burpees and raised over $1695 for the Alzheimer’s Association in February and November of this year.

9) I fell in love with an amazing heart-centered woman that provides me so much nourishment and unconditional love. I like to describe our relationship as two souls bound together by the “same essence but at different poles”

10) I found an amazing 2 bedroom lake house apartment in the woods close to my family; where I get to contemplate, coach, and care for those that I love; teaching in peace and existing in solitude is what is most important to me. As I write this I am watching the flames burn in the fireplace and enjoying every second.

Thank you for the lessons 2020.

Now let’s bring it on 2021, I’m ready for you!

It’s time to step further into the light!

What was a top accomplishment and or life change you created for yourself in 2020? I’d love to hear about your growth and development.

Lovingly and Purposely yours,


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