The Inner Path to Success


Where are all of your employees going?
It’s about to be 2022 and the great resignation is happening whether you are prepared for it or not.

13 ways an employee can bring more entrepreneurial thinking to their current job to make more $, get promoted, and or get a raise:

1. Enough is enough! No more trading time for dollars

Instead, think in terms of “value-added”….not hours put in or work output.

Many employees think that if they just work harder/longer hours they will earn job security; a better salary, promotion, stock options, etc. which isn’t necessarily true.

You earn these things, not in years/time – the hard work put in but in proven value and growth created for an organization over that period of time. It’s important to remember that you get paid a salary for your role performance according to your job description, not how “busy” you look at your desk, how many emails you have written, how quickly you answer your boss, or how long it appears you stay after they have left. It all comes down to THE VALUE YOU CAN ADD.

And the more value you can add quarter to quarter to the continued success of the organization, the more you will prove yourself worthy of a better position, which will increase your positioning for a raise, a promotion, stock options, or any other reward you want to ask for.

2. Negotiating from the “Bottom Line” 

Most businesses make decisions that best suit the continued future of the organization and the financial bottom line. If a business isn’t performing well, or the market crashes, the first thing it will do is reduce its financial loss by firing any unessential employee (like what we saw during March and April of 2020)

So, if you want to position yourself for improved job security and a favorable position for salary renegotiations….

Ask yourself:

“How can I make myself more essential to this business?

How can I add more value to the bottom line of the business?

What can I do to contribute to the organization that will make my position to the company harder and more costly to replace?”

When I say “value” I mean improvements that are measured in percentages and or dollar amounts which grows the business and positions it for greater future success.

If you are in sales, what is the % of sales growth from each account or the amount of new business you have brought in from last year to now?

If you are in operations, someone responsible for the effectiveness of the processes of the business…. how can you reduce the % of defects/waste/returns, speed-up delivery times, increase % of customer retention and overall satisfaction, etc.?

If you are in marketing, how can you improve the effectiveness of every dollar spent on an advertisement that captures a certain % of sales from a new sought-after target market?

When you can prove quantifiable growth that you have personally created for the business, it is way easier to ask to be rewarded with a fraction of that success when renegotiating for your desired outcome in a raise, promotion, and or stock option.

Remember, you don’t necessarily get what you work for, you get what you fight for and can quantify in dollars and cents to a business and its future.

3. Be a Pro not a Joe/Jill of all Trades = Master of None

Remember, you are a professional, a pro at what you do; this is why they hired you specifically and not someone else. Professionals are people who have a very specific skill set, knowledge base, and business acumen that when applied greatly contributes to the success of a growing business, project, and or team.

The success of the business is not your sole responsibility, but the success of your role certainly is.

It’s important that you take total ownership of your job deliverables and put your focus on doing extremely well in the job they hired you to do.

We all have a finite amount of time each day, so commit yourself to mastering and meeting the responsibilities of your role.

If you are doing the job of 2-3 people or if your role is unclear, I would highly recommend having a role clarifying conversation with upper management.

4. Valuing your time, aka saying “no” to calendar invites, CC’s, and chasing other employees

If you are finding yourself in meetings that clutter up your calendar, unnecessary emails that fill up your inbox, or feel as if you need to chase other employees in order for them to effectively do their job…

I would highly recommend that you take a few steps back.

Take an inventory of your role/responsibilities versus your daily actions, then respectfully remove yourself from meetings and CC’ed emails that you don’t need to be on.

If you are in fact needed in the meeting or on the email, you can ask your boss to clearly state why and reaffirm their reasoning and your value add for being there.

And if an employee from another department is hindering you from effectively doing your job, simply make it known to leadership and empower them to handle it, so you can remain focused on excelling at your own.

Unless “chasing other employees to do their job” is written in your job description, then by all means.

Be careful to not get caught up taking on more responsibility and tasks than you are being paid for.

Typically, a business that isn’t well organized will demand whatever it needs from its employees to take care of getting the “job done” aka continuing to grow the business. So if you are a highly responsible, engaged, and multi-talented employee you may fall for taking on jobs/tasks well beyond your job description and or level of compensation.

This may be due to lack of staffing, underperforming employees, or a lack of professional boundaries on your part and or that of the business to value your specific job expectations and the professionalism of your role.

After reviewing your role vs daily actions… are there are any additional tasks and or time-wasters, which don’t fit your job description that should be analyzed, questioned, and cut if need be?

If so, it may be time to take your power and time back.

Set professional boundaries so you have more space to focus on your role, the bigger picture, and the future of your career.

5. Own your role, Own your day

Owning your role and expertise also comes with owning the timeline of your to-dos and how you spend your work time day-to-day to get them done.

Managers above you will always want you to get things back to them ASAP once they assign a task to you. Why wouldn’t they?

The more you deliver and get done, typically the faster things should grow for the business, right?

However, as a professional, you also have a right to say when things get done and “no” to asks that are unrealistic in nature and or compete with other prior assigned, more important work.

If you don’t think you can deliver something by a certain timeline (without compromising your self/wellness), don’t promise the delivery. It’s always best whether working with a client or a boss to under-promise, and over-deliver according to the realities of your current work volume and previously promised commitments.

Whether it be insecurity, not wanting to be judged, and or appear unproductive to the very person who decides your paycheck….many employees opt to leave their managers in the dark about how they spend their time.

Ironically, this usually leads to even greater micromanaging by your boss and over time, a lack of trust that you can get the job done.

If you want to empower yourself as well as your manager to improve the efficiency of your work; I would suggest reprioritizing your work-week based on what you feel to be the most needle-moving tasks according to current business goals and the deliverables of your role.

Then for full agreement and transparency, simply send your manager a list of what you plan to focus on at the start of each week.

ps. This works best when you create the list at the end of the prior week on Friday afternoon when work is top of mind. That way, they can give you feedback on what’s most important to do and what is not.

They should really appreciate you taking the initiative with this, as transparency usually creates greater trust and they will feel able to course-correct your focus (if need be), share in your project process, as well as celebrate your wins as you complete successful projects.

Make sure you also include them on CC ONLY when big things happen or when you need their input. Do not CC them on all things. Ideally, they want to trust you to execute your job without having to hold your hand.

6. Embrace ongoing feedback 

Instead of fearing critique, ask for frequent reviews of your performance.

There is no need to dread your yearly review.

Personally, there is much power to ask frequently for performance reviews.

When you ask for feedback ongoingly, it not only shows that you are secure and confident in yourself but you are willing and open to improve your work performance.

Many employees don’t know how they can add more value to the business, and contribute in a way that can get them promoted because they are too afraid to ask due to having a “potentially” confronting conversations.

Even if you think you know, you want to keep an ongoing conversation about where the company is heading, how you can grow within the organization, and where the new job opportunities are forming.

This will help you align your career path with the needs/growth of the business, without having to guess so you can act with greater certainty to position yourself for your career advancement.

7. If you are willing to own the wins, own the losses too

Becoming an established pro in anything, in a sport, skill, role, and or business market requires plenty of trial and error and embracing the process of failing forwards.

Too many people are afraid of owning their losses.

Instead, they blame others and avoid the responsibility altogether.

Most do this to avoid looking bad and or get labeled a “failure”, which dramatically holds them back from having important transparency and honesty with themselves.

Now, I’m not saying that you need to accept failure, but rather you should be willing to, as hard as it may be at times, to own it when it happens.

That way, you can fully extract as much learning and lessons as possible and you don’t

Dishonesty with oneself in business and or in life dramatically prevents someone from accurately reading their current circumstance. If you don’t know where to begin when looking at what to change, how can you accurately pivot and improve your approach/strategy to create a better future outcome?

There is so much value and personal power in taking ownership regardless of it being a win or a loss.

Doing so allows for creating faster more accurate solutions which is a great predictor of whether someone has the staying power to create ultimate success in their chosen path or not.

If you get sidelined with every loss, winning the ultimate game of success will typically take much longer.

8. Find a mentor who is where you want to be

There is a lot of advice out there, as well as a lot of people who are very willing to share their opinion on how you should approach just about anything and everything.

If the individual you are speaking to hasn’t walked your chosen career path, hasn’t supported others in accomplishing exactly what you want to achieve, I’d refrain from asking for their advice.

Not all advice is created equal. Choose to seek out mentors and people who have the titles, success, and most importantly the experience you are looking to learn from on your career path.

If they take a liking to you, they can help you shortcut a great deal of time, answer best approach questions, and avoid career-limiting mistakes/ pitfalls you can struggle through in your journey or with their help avoid entirely.

They have already paid the personal cost for the lessons you want to learn, why should you as well?

9. Find a career, not a job

If you aren’t growing professionally, are you really in the right career?

I say career because a career is by definition very different than a job, which is trading your time for money during the hours of 9-5.

In a career, there is room for advancement and growth, something I strongly suggest you seek out if you have an entrepreneurial spirit.

There is nothing that kills the spirit of a self-driven and ambitious person more than a lack of new opportunities to challenge oneself and grow.

If there is little to no opportunity for career advancement and growth opportunities offered in your current role, it may be time to create it on your own and or seek employment from a corporation where you have a better shot to build a career.

10. Learners are earners

Use your job as a training ground. Learn skills that will be applicable to your next higher-paying role or the business you want to start.

If you learn skills that you can eventually bring to your own business, why not get paid a salary to do so? You don’t need your job’s permission to learn a useful skill.

Because the more you know, the more value you can bring to your role and provide the company.

This will position you nicely for a raise and promotion.

There are online classes/courses for quite literally anything you want to learn. Find a class that teaches you something that adds significant value to your role and resume.

Oftentimes, if it benefits the company it may be worthwhile to ask if they would be willing to pay for it and or at the very least split the fee with you.

11. Don’t wait for permission to elevate yourself and your role 

Most entrepreneurs who are designing a business to scale, focus on the most critical expertise-laden tasks (the ones, truly ONLY they can perform for the business) and then choose to outsource the rest.

Are there tasks you don’t like to do or admin activities you can easily train someone to do for you every week? Whether you are an employee or solo entrepreneur, there comes a time in any business when there is a diminishing financial return you get from doing a certain task yourself.

This is a major growth inflection point where your time spent on a certain task is more expensive for you to do, compared to paying to hire outside help.

For example, if you hired someone to do a task that costs $100/hr and that frees you up to make an additional $300/hr for the company or your business…. don’t you think having the space to make an additional $200 is worth it?

The most precious thing we have on this earth is time, and as they say, time is money so use it wisely!

And if it is increasingly clear that you’ve outgrown certain daily tasks, maybe it’s time to hire an assistant and build your team?

If you are employed, be VERY CAREFUL to not elevate yourself fully out of a job just yet. Make sure there is a clear new role agreement for a more senior position and a contract signed and sealed in place before you fully train up someone to do the majority of what you do day-to-day.

12. Got a need? Make it known. Ask for the promo/raise at the appropriate time(s) and follow up often

Your employer isn’t a mind reader, so if you need something speak up!

What are your current needs to do your job more effectively?

Need an assistant to free you up to focus on higher revenue-generating activities?

Need a certain technology or computer program to help you and the business grow?

Ask for it.

Are you overdue for a raise and promotion?

Then you should make an ask for one, even if you think the answer, in the end, will be “NO”.


Well, management’s job is to say no to paying you any more than they have to for you to do your job.

That said, many employers will expect you to take on more and more responsibility BEFORE compensating you for it.

If this is the case, it may be time to speak up until you are fairly compensated and officially promoted to your next elevated role.

As they say, you can’t get what you don’t ask for so make sure you ask for the promotion and have facts and figures to back up the next level value you are bringing to the organization.

13. The grass is not always greener on the other side 

A human fallacy is to think that our next job, our next group of co-workers/employees, our next boss, etc will be better than our current situation, which isn’t always true…

As active contributors to our current circumstance, we too are responsible for improving how we connect, communicate, and collaborate with the above people to cause a better outcome.

So before you move from employer to employer, try first to water things where you stand, and see how things improve….

We improve what we work on, so if work hasn’t really been going your way, ask yourself if you’ve really been bringing your most engaged efforts to the performance of your role and your work relationships?

If not, why not?

This is especially true if you are a leader with employees underneath you; the more people that work underneath your leadership, the more important it is to be on top of your game both practically and personally.

A few personal examples….

Every business will have 1-2 people that slack off —- learn why they aren’t feeling engaged; ask them about their why, understand their circumstance, ask them about their career goals and motivate them accordingly.

Every business will have 1-2 people you don’t necessarily vibe with —- learn how you can relate to them. What is it that you appreciate about them? How are their differences a strength?

Every business will have frustrating bottlenecks caused by inefficiencies in people, processes, and or politics —- learn how to spot them and head up conversations and dialogues that improve them.

My point is, you have more power and agency sometimes than you may realize to create a better outcome for yourself.

Learn what you can do today to improve your current circumstance, before thinking it’s time to move on and create something “better” elsewhere.


Did you find these 13 in-depth tips helpful?

If so, email me back your favorite tip and how you plan to implement it in your business or career.

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Are you unemployed and or unemployable?

Are you Unemployed and or Unemployable?: How to jump-start your own business with a more grounded financial and business strategy and way less fear!

Looking to turn 2021 into your biggest year yet?

Below is the method I use to create compounding results year-over-year…
Step 1:  (A) AWARENESS
What are you aware of in your life that is working? What isn’t? Are you ready to make changes for the better? Remember, what we don’t choose we can’t change. This goes for embracing both the “good” or “bad” things in our life. Try to bring total objective awareness when looking at your life (that means NO judgment) to assess your world honestly, accurately, and with total ownership.
Set your intentions high. Plan out as much as you can. What do you intend to achieve this week/month/year? Then create a plan with specific milestones and deliverables for yourself at each stage. Start slow if you need to, but make sure you are continually raising the bar on yourself.
Step 3: (M) MINDSET
During your waking hours, filter your focus. Strive toward your highest and best effort; imagining and intending only positive outcomes. This builds a strong mindset that is both optimistic and always forward moving. There is a time and place for reflection (looking at what needs to be improved and what is not working) but during your day is not one of those times. Do such only in the late evenings or early mornings. Your daylight should be dedicated toward action where you take on supercharging your mind, body, and spirit to complete what you need to and for making progress. Strive to capture the energy of yesterday and you will compound your results for tomorrow. Do this everyday, and progress year over year will follow you forever.
Step 4: (E) EVALUATE
Review your day. Make time for frequent life and business reflection….not just on NYE! What did you accomplish? How did you grow? What challenges are you facing right now in this moment? What can be done about it? How can you adjust the plan, pivot or change your course to create a better result tomorrow? Was it a big win or a small win day? If a small win day, what was the silver lining? What did you learn in your failure? How did you grow? Did you at least make progress towards your ultimate goal? If so what was it? Strive always and only to focus on progress and improvement over perfection, it will take you way farther than those who don’t begin because they are too afraid of failing.
Double down on what is working for you and forget about the rest. Even if what worked last month is for some reason now not working today. Seek ONLY that which improves, supports, and affirms your highest vision and results. Our body, life, and the business climate are fixed in many ways but at the same time is constantly evolving and changing as well. So be bold and double down today on what works which offers consistent results while remembering at the same time to remain nimble about our strategy and within ourselves to let go of, change, and try new things if we realize at any point tomorrow things aren’t working.

2O2O, what a year!

This year has been a challenging one for sure, but in the end, there has been a lot of growth to share and things to be grateful for;

My Top 10 Accomplishments and Life Changes for 2020

1) I finally left NYC after 8 years and moved back to the woods of upstate NY where I am from. I don’t plan to live in a big city ever again. It was a great place to drive during my 20’s but its time to move onto the next phase. Plus I missed driving stick shift. vroom! vroom!

2) I rekindled my deep love for nature; spending most of my off time in 2020 reconnecting to my passions of hiking, camping, and fishing. My soul is at home in the woods. Nothing better than waking up to the morning song of the birds and the smoldering smell of fire from the night before. Mother nature is so majestic and beautiful.

3) I went from being 25K in debt and struggling with my business to being debt-free and running a +6 figure coaching business. This one was a huge accomplishment for me. If you have ever been in serious debt and got out and hit this mark in your business, you know what this takes…

4) I created my first online FB group, a group for conscious leaders called Life On Purpose. We are now over 1,100 members strong! Link HERE if you are interested and want to join.

5) In the group, I taught many digital accelerators for the first time as well as offered free life resources/assessment and gifted away frequent group and 1-1 coaching calls. Last January we had close to 100 ppl participate in the accelerator.

6) I ran 2 group intensive programs last spring/summer and did group coaching calls ontop of my 1-1 coaching practice.

7) I created a new program entirely around self-love and divine partnerships specifically for women, called Divine Love.

8) I pledged over 2540 burpees and raised over $1695 for the Alzheimer’s Association in February and November of this year.

9) I fell in love with an amazing heart-centered woman that provides me so much nourishment and unconditional love. I like to describe our relationship as two souls bound together by the “same essence but at different poles”

10) I found an amazing 2 bedroom lake house apartment in the woods close to my family; where I get to contemplate, coach, and care for those that I love; teaching in peace and existing in solitude is what is most important to me. As I write this I am watching the flames burn in the fireplace and enjoying every second.

Thank you for the lessons 2020.

Now let’s bring it on 2021, I’m ready for you!

It’s time to step further into the light!

What was a top accomplishment and or life change you created for yourself in 2020? I’d love to hear about your growth and development.

Lovingly and Purposely yours,

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The Top 12 Work From Home (WFH) “Tips and Reminders”

As someone who has spent close to a decade working from home (WFH) and coaching high functioning execs and entrepreneurs how to improve their work performance and life process….

12 Work From Home (WFH)
Tips and Reminders

Click here to get my “DAILY PLANNER” —- a step by step way to help you stay organized and forward-thinking about how to get better results week-to-week.

Rule #1: Once you are up, MAKE YOUR BED!

This is a simple one but a staple with high performers.

I know its tempting to cozy back up in your warm sheets, but once you are awake its essential to get your feet on the ground and get moving. When you hop out of bed, one simple and symbolic gesture you can make to close that dreamy door behind you is to make your bed. When you do so, you take a step into your morning, get a quick life win, and begin to set the day into motion ——a signal to your sleepy brain that the day has begun.

Pro Tip:

Put 1 liter of lemon water and your vitamins by your bedside. Drink the lemon water and take your vitamins when you are still waking up and on an empty stomach. This will help you wake up, provide a boosts your immune system (ahem lemons provide vitamin C), and has a lot of other health benefits to balance the pH in the gut, which is known to fortify the body and maintain good health. It also ensures that you get 1 liter of water before ever getting out of bed–a healthy start to your day!

When you set yourself up for success, that is exactly what happens!

Rule #2: Embrace the day, PRIORITIZE YOURSELF FIRST.

It pays to have a powerful morning routine, one that helps you consistently shift unwanted emotional states into peak ones. Hence, why it’s so vital that you take care of YOURSELF before the world “needs you” and attempts to get a hold of you.

5am-9am should be YOUR TIME. An exclusive time you dedicate ONLY to doing personal rituals that ensure peak performance throughout the day. (Kids are no valid excuse. Ask my clients they will tell you!)

When you do this EVERY MORNING, you practice the highest expression of self-care. Not to mention it helps sharpen your mental capacity and gets you centered in your body and soul.

And the more you do it, the easier it is to maintain your intentions and a consistent focus, especially during these chaotic and crazy times.

Pro Examples:

Take on daily journaling, HIIT workouts, stretching, yoga, breath-work, prayer, meditation, gratitude rituals, full-on dance parties, singing, cold showers etc. to clear your mind and start your day on a stronger note.

Do one or all of these to help you start your day in a more aligned way.

Pro Tip:

If inclined, habit bond your workouts or meditation practices with empowering self mantras, music, and perspective-shifting podcasts. This will help weaponize your mind and ensure you hit a peak state to start your morning which, should carry you till the close of the day.

Yoga, breath-work, meditation, and HIIT exercises downregulate the survival part of your brain. The part that keeps you overly anxious and worried. The part that does its very best every few seconds to tell you what you need to do and what you have yet to do…

Anddddd the more you exercise, the more this part of the brain shuts up, relaxes, and gives up control. If you don’t already exercise and use movement as a way to surrender over your fears and anxieties to the larger energies that be, try it!

Not only will you neutralize the nagging thoughts always pleading for your attention you can begin to weaponize and reshape your perspective however you want, not how it wants.

Rule #3: Plan your day THE NIGHT BEFORE

Hopefully, at the end day, you already have a rough idea of what you need to get done the next day and have undergone looking at the day you just had ( what you did, what you didn’t do, and are asking yourself the important questions, which will help you get clear on how you need to improve into tomorrow)

After doing this, it’s important to pull from yesterdays to-do list to create a maximum of three tasks, yes ONLY three of the “most important” needle-moving tasks that will make tomorrow amazing.

Pro Tip:

Choose three tasks in BOTH your professional and personal life. It’s not enough to get your work done if you sacrifice taking care of your personal and relational needs. (food shopping, paying bills, getting the car serviced, cleaning your apartment/work space, setting time to see/chat with friends, etc)

Additional Tip:

Pack a gym bag or lay your clothes/ shoes the night before so there is less decisions that need to be made as you wake up. This reduces any resistance you might have going from just waking up to getting outside and getting your sweat in.

Rule #4: Dress the part and DITCH THE PJ’s

Wear different clothes during your work days. I know it is alluring to work from home in your Pj’s or workout clothes, but part of why you are so focused during normal work hours at the office is because your are dressed for it and took the ritualistic steps to get into “work mode”.

Right now, I have my coaching hat on and am writing this wearing one of my favorite sweaters which helps me switch gears to GET. THINGS. DONE.

Wearing Pjs and working from home may work in the beginning or for a few days at first, but its a terrible habit to get into. It’s best to begin to treat your 9-5 work time as if you were in your office and dress accordingly in a way that inspires you and helps you enter “the zone”

Rule #5: Pour yourself a cup of excellence then KNOCK OUT YOUR WORK.

After you conquer your morning, you are now dressed and ready to go, so it’s time to dive headfirst into knocking out your hardest and most challenging project FIRST.

Yes, that project. The one that is most challenging and will require the most amount of energy and time. You know the one I’m talking about The project that you’ve been avoiding——the one that continues to hang over you like a mistletoe on a bad date.

So instead of resisting it and taking care of the emails and other reactionary business tasks, save those for lunch or the afternoon lull and choose to utilized the hours of 9am-12noon exclusively to making headway with the hardest task first.

When you make headway with a project(s) like this, you will feel wayyyy more accomplished at the end of the day.

Rule #6 Set yourself up for success & TURN AIRPLANE MODE (ON )

Now that you are in your workflow, it’s important to stay as uninterrupted as you can for as long as you can—or at least until you hit your productivity goals for each section of the day (morning, afternoon, evening ).

That said, my work heaven entails having a spotless workplace and ZERO notifications/distractions that affect my workflow.

Before anything, I ensure that my work area is clean and organized. Typically, I do this the night before, so I can dive right in.

That way, when I am ready, there are ZERO distractions in my environment and nothing that will take me out of the work I have to do.

I only turn my phone back on during breaks. You should try it! You’ll be happy you did! And cheer up—your IG likes, texts, and calls will all still be there to answer during your self-appointed work breaks.

99% of the time, anyone that wants to get in touch with you, can wait the 1-2hrs to hear from you while you give work your undivided attention.

Rule #7: Limit all non-business calls/conversations same as you would at work.

When you work from home you have ultimate freedom, which could be freaking amazing and or a real slippery slope without the proper discipline.

If you typically don’t answer calls during certain times at work, why start when you begin working from home???

When you work from home you must begin to be your own boss—- telling on yourself when you have been less than productive so you feel the importance of getting back to your work.

Do your best to adhere to “working hours” same as you would in the office working your 9-5.

If you need explain this to anyone, just tell them that you are at work and will call/text them back during one of your various breaks and or after you are done.

Rule #8: Peak productivity is like a HIIT workout.

You should operate in work cycles of high intensity mixed in with a body-centered work rests. This will keep your day and your body optimal.

Want to make your workday more interesting and effective?

Crank out 50 mins of work at a high intensity, then switch off to a resting break for 10 mins.

Here are a few of my favorite resting breaks to keep me both fit and mentally sharp.

health: pushups, pull-ups, wall sits, planks, crunches, and the ever famous burpee

wellness: breathwork, stretching, yoga, meditation, playing a musical instrument or being one (singing), chugging water, taking a short walk to grab a coffee or around the block.

Rule #9: Create balance. Breaks are good for you and healthy too!

The truth is, if you work from home it’s very easy to begin your day as soon as you wake up and create a bad habit of starting your workday earlier and earlier and working longer and LONGER hours.

So, if you find yourself doing this, STOP IMMEDIATELY!

When you work from home, you have zero commute and are in full control over your schedule. In other words, you have wayyyyyy more time freedom, SO START TO USE YOUR TIME MORE WISELY!

For example, the 2 hours you normally and otherwise would spend commuting can now be restructured towards whatever you please.

And as long as the work gets done, no one will ever argue or ask how you spent your day.

When I worked in sales, I’d work from 9am- lunch and then would take 1.5 hrs to myself to go to an afternoon breathwork yoga class from 1:30pm -3pm. I’d then come back to do my work from 3:30-8pm and guess what happened?!? I crushed the rest of the day and got wayyyy more done!!! And guess what???? My sales increased and no one asked any questions. 🙂

We all know what its like to try to do work after lunch and or during the afternoon lul, so instead of limping through the finishing line of the day, or simply trying to survive it and complete it,—— take your power back and take that class ( virtual or otherwise) which revitalizes your mind/body/spirit to close out the day strong.

Rule #10: avoid aimlessly scrolling on the socials, news media outlets holes, playing computer games, chatting on dating apps, watching TV etc.

If you use the socials for work, get on there to do your post and then get off. If using the socials has little to no impact on you or your business life, use them sparingly and or only during set times.

When we are intentional instead of mindless about how we use our smartphones (all the apps that come along with them) we begin to use our socials, apps, and media outlets how they are supposed to be, AS RESOURCES.

They are to be used to connect us with friends and family and help us stay up to date with global information.

So, if you find yourself scrolling for 20-40 minutes on a media outlet or social site, the technology has you and not the other way around.

Limit your time on smartphone to certain hours and only visit sites, play online games, or watch TV shows or news to wind down from the day.

Rule #11: Separate your work area from your resting and sleeping areas

If you just started working from home and haven’t yet set up a work area, I’d highly recommend doing so.

If you typically just wake up and begin working from anywhere ( ex. your bed) this can be a very slippery psychological slope.

Over time, as you try to relax or sleep you will feel the urge to do work and vice versa when you want to work you might feel the urge to relax and sleep.

That said it can be very confusing and intertwine, so make sure to create an office for yourself and or designate a certain area in your apartment used exclusively for doing work.

That way you can keep your spaces where you relax, sleep, and hang as separate as you can!

Rule #12: Create work cut off times & a 15-20 min process to close each day

If you are reading this, chances are, you are a high performer — someone who has a high expectation of themselves and is personally driven to max out their productivity while also maintaining exceptional life balance.

If this is you, it’s important to realize that sometimes it’s better to “call it a day” and close up shop on the early side of things than to stay up late or forge on till the wee hours of the morning.

You may get more work done tonight, and that may feel good, but typically it will compromise tomorrow’s success habits and productivity.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how much you get done today because there will always be more work to do tomorrow, ALWAYS.

So if you were effective with your time today, GREAT! You should not feel bad when you call it quits till tomorrow.

When you add a clear START and STOP to your work times and add in a 10-20 minute closing process, you will not only mentally leave your work at the office, but you will be way more organized for tomorrow and powerfully set up to take on the next day.

Remember, when you work from home your office is, in fact, your home, so there is no such thing as “leaving the work at the office” you must create a mental process that separates you from your work so you can let it go to relax and enjoy when the day is done.

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