About Devin Weafer

Hi, I’m Devin and I want to get real and vulnerable with you for a minute. The pictures you will see here sum me up well. Growing up I was a zany, big-eared, goofy-looking kid who was as stringy as I was enthusiastic about everything I did. Music, sports, academics…it didn’t matter, whatever I did, I was pumped and excited about it and striving to do my best. You see, ever since I can remember, I always had big BIG dreams to make something of my life and wanted to motivate others to do the same.

My Journey

But as a kid, I struggled and suffered a great deal emotionally. Not only did I feel different, I looked different too. My ears stuck out like a sore thumb and everyday that I showed up to school was another day that I got made fun of for how I looked. To compensate, I got caught up in proving my worth to the world, seeking validation  only in order to feel good enough. I stopped listening to my heart and became swept up in my ability to perform, chasing worldly values that weren’t my own — showcasing my achievements and results as the only way to rise above the hurt.

Here I was, someone churning so hard to make something of myself and none of it was true to who I am deep down. It was all based on values that weren’t mine and didn’t ring true. I ended up being my harshest critic and own worst enemy. At my worst, I was so preoccupied with my own climb that I was taking drugs and stimulants, developed an ulcer, and isolated myself from the world—I was trapped in a cycle of surviving life.

You see, I stopped trusting my heart and got lost in social and external expectations. I used to be afraid of not fulfilling on my purpose or worse yet, not finding out what it was in the the first place. It took confronting my biggest fears to wake me up. The fear of being 80 years old with the realization that I didn’t really live up to my potential but rather simply existed and survived a regretfully unfulfilled life. I used to think I was afraid of mediocrity but I see now in fact that I was just hiding from my gift(s). My gift to help people eliminate their self-limitations and break free from their own confines. My gift to help people see their full potential and step into who they actually are. My gift to guide those ready and willing to finally live from and create the life they want. I am proud of my journey and what I’ve been able to work through to finally see my true power and you can too.

I can help you see who you are and what you can be for this world.  I want to help you liberate yourself in the same way turning into my heart freed me to be me. Let me help you rise above your fears to stand a top in your fullest potential.  Trust me, it is there at the core of who you are – all you need to do is stop resisting it’s truth.

A  more passionate, purposeful, and successful life is waiting for you – don’t you think its time you listened?  Let me help you turn into your heart. It can be your  biggest strength and forever greatest teacher.  It will never give up, it will never settle once aligned, and all it wants for you to do is to EMBRACE ALL OF WHO YOU ARE.

— Devin Weafer Founder - Inercour Coaching

Devin J. Weafer, founder of Inercour Coaching, is a life performance coach working with conscious-driven founders and business professionals in NYC and abroad. He guides his clients to produce lasting results in the area(s) that matter most, coaching them in how to develop and grow from the inside-out whether that be in life, business or love. In doing so, his clients perform better at work, find better work/life balance, improve upon their relationships, as well as deepen their overall feelings of life satisfaction and success.

Raised in a family of psychologists, Devin inherited a passion for helping others. He holds an MBA from Clark University, but his life’s work comes from personal experience managing the day-to-day stress and demands of ambition in the corporate world. Devin found the courage to trade in a past life in sales and marketing for one of conscious leadership and inspiration. Opening offices and gunning for sales quotas is only meaningful if it’s attached to fulfilling work and a deeper sense of purpose. Devin invites his clients to step into their highest potential; providing customized tools to clearly define their success strategy and a structure to help them bring about what really matters.

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